Monday, March 28, 2011

Future palns for gaming club

I know I may be jumping the gun on this subject, but I'd like to speak my mind on it.

I like what ECWG should do. Wargaming on a broad perspective with competitions and challenges thrown in. One thing I would and will be pushing is other games. I want to break away from Warhammer 40k on occasion since I get bored with the same thing. Fantasy is an option, but the game system is broken (from heresay).

Things i'd want to try for the GW addicts are necromunda and mordheim. Those two are simple since its minimal models. Just a band, and u can run a campaign. Also i'd like to toss around the idea of battlefleet gothic. It would be great to tie in with warhammer 40k on a larger perspective.

Other games i'd like to see is spartan games. Yes they may have 3 games, but they share the same system... some people don't like that. I would disagree since warhammer 40k and fantasy share a similar system (when it comes to hits and wounding, as well as stat lines). Spartan games has beautiful models, good simple system and cheap, high quality models.

Then there is warmachine and hordes. I know there is a group out there but I'm not interested with privateer press games.

On with monthly events. I like having tournaments and games on a regular revolving basis. But also (been discussed) is including themed painting challenges. it would be interesting to see what people will paint or convert. But most of all, we ned to represent. We need 100% painted armies.

Bleh lunch over. More to come soon.


  1. I am down for necromunda and mordheim, lets setup a game in April.

  2. I'm also set for some mordheim, tell me when and I'll bring out my witch hunters.